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Celeb poker 199$ Free No Deposit Bonus via BankrollMob

Celeb Poker Free Poker Money gives you 9+30+40+50+70$=199$!

Celeb Poker is giving away 199$ to every new player, this is one of the best poker free bankrolls avaiable online cause it gives you the chance to evolve in Poker, cause the more points you earn the more money they will give you, you start with 9$ and they will give more money untill you reach the 199$!

To get this no deposit bonus it´s very easy just follow the tutorial and in less than 24 hours you will be playing poker with real money online without having to invest your own money, only time and pleasure playing Poker! Next I will you show you how to get this bonus bonus trough BankrollMob.

Tutorial Celeb Poker 199$ no deposit bonus celeb Poker money!

To get this bonus just follow this tutorial and in 14 steps you will get your Poker Free Bankroll!


1.Click here to go to Bankrollmob web page.


2.When you´re in Bankrollmob page click in "register" as you see in the image.


3.Now fill the form put the number code and click on "continue".


4.Fill the rest of your data in this new page..













5.Now you will have to make I.D. verification trought a phone call, if you want to ask for the Titan Bonus you will also have to make I.D. verification trough driver's licence, to the rest of the bonus the phone verification it´s enough.















6.Insert your number and then click in "proceed" as you see in the image. When the phone rings answer it, there will be an automated message telling you a number code, write it down, the number will be repeated 2 times!



7.After that click on "continue to final step".














8.Now go to your email account, there you will have an email from bankrollmob open it and click on the confirmation link!











9.After this 8 steps you will have to wait 24 hours to your account activation, then you can go to step 10 and ask for your bonus, after you receive an email like this you´re good to go!











10.Now in the Bankrollmob page make login and then click in "Bankrolls".



11.In the "Bankroll Filter" click on Bonus:"No deposit" and Site:"Poker", and in the sixth on the list where it says Celeb Poker click on "info" as you see in the image. Here you can choose any other bonus or all of them if you want!



12.After that click in "Get Bonus".



13.And next on "Request".


14.Once you´re at CelebPokerMoney page click in "sign up" like in the image.


15.Now click in "download now" to go to Celeb Poker official Web Page.


16.Never close the Celeb Poker Money web page!!!On the other Celeb Poker Page the official click on "download now" again.


17.Click in "save file" .


18.Then in execute.


19.Now you will have to install the Celeb Poker Software!


20.After that go back to Celeb Poker Money page make copy on the bonus code "BRM100" and at the end of the page click on "Continue".


21.On the Celeb Poker lobby you will have to click on "Create new Account" and fill the form with your data, that code you copied is going to be pasted on "Bonus Code" or just simply write down BRM100 if you don´t put this bonus code you will not receive the money this is very important!!! When you´re filling this form have atention to the fact that you can´t use special character like "ç" only plain letters!


22.Your username will be shown to you as CQR.......write it down cause you will need it latter!


23.Then again on Celeb Poker Money web page click on "Continue" and then again"Continue"as you see in the two images.


24.After this you will have to fill the Celeb Poker Money form and here all the data will have to be the same you filled on Celeb Poker software at new account registation! And remember that I told you to right down the username to put it here, also keep in mind that username is different from nickname, the nickname was choosen after registation in the first time you made login on the Celeb Poker software!



25.Now you will have to make I.D. confirmation trough a phone call, select your country and insert your number also get a pen close to you and prepare to write down a 5 digit code, the phone call that you will receive is going to be from an automated voice and it will repeat the code twice, when you´re ready click on "Call me now" and wait a few seconds untill the call arrives, it can take a while!


26.Put the 5digit code in "Pin Number" and then click on "Submit"!



27.After that you will receive a message telling you that in 72 hours you should receive the bonus, but usually it arrives in 24 hours! If you have any doubt or problem about how to receive the bonus contact support@celebpokermoney.com and doubts about the tutorial contact bonusdepokergratis@yahoo.com .




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